Til We Die Fest

Its a little late notice, but Til We Die Fest is going on in Seattle this weekend, here what their Fb Event page has to say

Super Happy Story Time Land (Experiment grind, PA WA)
Into The Storm (Crazy post rock, from the Moon.)
Osama Bin Rockin (Handsome boygrind from somewhere)

Chemical Castration (GRIND)
Seker (Tech Deathery from Tacoma)
Exogorth (teethgritting NW grind from Seattle)

BOTH NIGHTS: After the bands/midnight, dancing to all the greatest pre-2000s hits with DJ Dax-o-Tronic + more!

Til We Die Fest is a creation of Travis and Lindsay Conquest. It is a celebration of many things, including the DIY spirit, Love, puking, being a hesher, and banging ones head."