Deftones Bassist Emerging from Coma

Deftones bass player Chi Cheng has been showing more signs of improvment. In November of 2008, Cheng was involved in a car wreck that has put him in a coma for over 3 years. Since then, he has only been able to mumble and barely move. He is now able to move his legs on command and is responding to treatment. Doctors say there he is still a long way from recovery.

Here is a video of him moving his leg-

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Om European Tour Dates

Since we get hits occasionaly from Europe, here are some Om tour dates. Lets hope they play the US soon.

4.04.2012 Brussels. AB club
5.04.2012 Helsinki. Nosturi
6.04.2012 Stockholm. Strand
... 7.04.2012 Gothenburg. Truckstop Alaska
8.04.2012 Malmo. Inkonst
9.04.2012 Hannover. Cafe Glocksee
10.04.2012 Berlin. Berghain
11.04.2012 Hamburg. Hafenklang
12.04.2012 Tilburg. Roadburn Festival
15.04.2012 Paris. La Maroquinerie
16.04.2012 Poitiers. La Confort Moderne
17.04.2012 Bilbao. Azkena
18.04.2012 Madrid. El Sol
19.04.2012 Barcelona. Apolo 2
20.04.2012 Toulouse. Saint Des Seins
21.04.2012 Martigny. Caves du Manoir
22.04.2012 Bologna. Locomotiv
23.04.2012 Rome. Circolo Degli Artisti
24.04.2012 Milan. Magnolia
26.04.2012 Vienna. Arena
27.04.2012 Leipzig. UT Connewit