Bandcamp Roundup Friday Jan 27 2011

Starting today, every Friday we will put together a collection of awesome bands on bandcamp. This is in no way affiliated with bandcamp or the bands. To start off, My good buddies are in a band called Crawlin', they're tougher than onions! Who wouldnt like a band called Whores? This is all I have been listening to lately. Good bus jams. Gritty, yet has grooves. Get into this shit!

Fungal Abyss video

Seattles Fungal Abyss (Lesbian) playing at the Comet Tavern in the summer of 2011.

Red Fangs "Hank Is Dead" Music Video

Portlands finest have finished their 3rd music video for the song "Hank is Dead" from the Album Murder the Mountains. Its amazing.

Across Tundras 7" With Hellbender

Tennessee's Across Tundras and Hellbender have recorded a 7"split for Otherness Records.
You can download it and name your price if you like!

Listen here

New Pelican Song

Chicagos Pelican have released a new song "Lathe Biosas" from thier upcoming Souther Lord  EP Ataraxia/Taraxis.

Click here to stream it