Off the record.

This post is not music or arts related.
                              The events that occurred tonight only happen once in some peoples lifetime, others seek this type of life, and some are just oblivious and not in touch with reality. That said, what happened to me tonight and what I observed is not political and I take no stance (in my writing) on either side. I do support same sex equality. I also I respect peoples personal opinion on government and authority, to an extent.
                             As most residents of Seattle know, tonight was the big night of the Seattle Pride Fest that is held in numerous areas of the city. And Capitol Hill is the melting pot of the city for many different cultures, lifestyles, and much much more. I happen to work in the neighborhood and frequent many shows and bars scattered about. As I was leaving the Comet Tavern around 12:10pm, just as a flash mob/drunk and partying Pride Fest attendees are heading west on Pike street towards Broadway with what I estimate was 100-300 people. Everyone is happy and dancing around with various participants holding boom-boxes with loud techno playing. I decided to join when i realized no matter what bus I take, I'm not getting anywhere. By this time, we are heading north on Broadway when the march leaders try to head East on Pine and are diverted back north on Broadway heading north. I started filming when the Seattle police arrived.

  Seconds after the video, an anarchist whom had just taken a pick axe to an ATM threw a white plastic barricade at one of the police cars. The police stop their vehicles and run after the anarchist with billy clubs, tazers and guns and tackle him on the corner of Broadway and E Olive. There was about 4 police officers hold the guy down, with 3-4 riot police with tazers pointed at the crowd. With all of the recent events with the Seattle Police, who wouldn't record whats happening. As I was walking toward the sidewalk, with camera (phone) in hand, a cop with full riot gear on, pulls a laser guided tazer at me and says quote "Not a good time, not a good time".  Here is what I recorded. I know it doesn't exactly show up in the next video, but I swear by everything dear to me, it definitely happened.

and pretty much the end.